Shopping tips for mens wedding bands

Men normally put a lot of thought when choosing an engagement ring for their fiance. However, when it comes to selecting their own wedding band, one may realize that they are clueless about where to begin and what to do. One should not let shopping for their ring be an afterthought. This is because they will be wearing the ring for a long time, the rest of their life and should pick a ring that they love. If one is looking to have the Best Mens Wedding Bands, what then does one look for when shopping. Below are some tips.

Men’s wedding band shopping

Budgetwedding ring

Before setting out to shop for a wedding band, it is essential for one to set a realistic budget. This will guide one as they shop around and help them stay within what they can afford. It will make the process much easier and less frustration as one visits one jewelry store to another, for one will not like a ring that they will not be able to pay buy will look at rings within their budget range.

The man’s lifestyle

The groom needs to consider their lifestyle. This is because they need to choose a ring that will be sturdy and durable to handle the kind of work they do every day. For instance, if a man does intense labor jobs, that is hands one they need a ring that will be able to withstand damage. Likewise, if one sits in the office and does light jobs, then their ring will be different. The metal of the ring is what determines how sturdy and durable a ring is. Men’s wedding bands can be made from different type of metals that will have varied strength and durability. This will include: Gold both yellow, white and rose gold, platinum, silver, titanium, tungsten and ceramic.


Size and fit are critical aspects. As the groom, you do not want a ring that is too small to wear or big that it slips from the finger. It is essential that one does a professional fitting to get the right size. Most jewelry stores will do a free ring sizing. Hence, there is no excuse to skip this step. Another factor that goes together with the size is the band width. This will influence how comfortable the ring will be to the wearer.


The man needs to decide whether they want their rings to have any detailing. Do they want stones and if so which type of stones. How do they want the finish of the ring. What texture are they looking for, do they want a high polish, matte, a combination of polish and matte or hammerd. Are you looking to engrave the band with some word, initial, phrase or symbol that has a meaning to you? Finally, do you want a custom made band.

Compliment the brides ring

wedding bandsThe groom’s ring needs to go together and look appropriate next to the bride’s ring. This does not mean purchasing a band that is the man’s version of the bride’s ring. One can consider the choice of metal and detailing.