At-Home Blue Light Devices Can Clear Acne

Blue light therapy is one of the latest technologies used to treat acne. Studies have shown that at-home systems give excellent results. For instance, this option helps alleviate this skin condition that affects over 60 million of Americans.

How does it work?

Blue light can kill at2g3edfc6y3wed7u28ui2cne-causing bacteria, which is called Propionibacterium acnes or simple P acnes that cause inflammation. You should note that this bacterium is very sensitive to blue light. Thus, using blue light, you can eliminate the bacteria found in the skin and oil glands. Moreover, added presence of the infrared light in the device makes the oil glands to shrink and thereby to decrease in size. With regular use, you will have fewer bacteria and less oil on the skin. In this way, you will eliminate acne for good.

Is the method effective?

When you use blue light to eliminate P acnes bacterium, you can also decrease inflammation that is associated with the red pimples. After several treatments, your skin will appear normal after the disappearance of the blemishes.

Who is the method recommended for?

This acne treatment method is recommended to acne patients that have red pimples. The device emits blue light pulses, which destroy the bacteria within pores and follicles that are beneath the skin’s surface. Thus, the method is effective in treating mild acne. Moreover, it will help you achieve bright, clear skin from the comfort of your home. Continued usage results in significant improvement no matter the type of acne you are suffering from.

Use of blue light therapy

Nowadays, blue LED technologies are widely used in the treatment of acne. In most instances, they utilize photodynamic therapy. In this case, a chemical is applied to enhance the effect on the skin. The treatments result in flaking and redness for some days. FDA has cleared blue light treatment. This is because the light wavelengths used are considered safe.

What are the benefits?

Usually,t2wgedc6y2ed7u22 in-office treatments are very aggressive. This is because of the technology used. The majority of patients that undergo in-office treatment can benefit from maintenance by using home products. In this way, you can keep bacteria from recurring or even flaring up. Nowadays, it is possible to use home devices as they are convenient to users. For instance, you can use them at any time you want. There has been an incredible advancement in the use of at-home tools. This has allowed consumers to achieve efficacy at their own schedule.