Customized printing design cardboard


Recording of data and other information has been one of the most important aspects of history. Historians have used pen and other writing material to embed information that would help the coming generations in one way or the other. It is courtesy of their recording that we are aware of the background and history of different events and happenings in the world. But, then with time, the world moved from writing and drawing to the printing of words and pictures.

History of printing

22ijgdjfjjoThe first printing press was invented in 1440. It opened a whole new world. People could now get their work printed instead of having it written which made the work faster and cheaper. Instead of having to write pages of the same things, the same could now be printed several folds. Though there weren’t any electronic machines back then, the wooden and metal ones still did the work proficiently. Johannes Gutenberg was the person that invented printing, and little did he know that he was doing a great favor to the entire humanity.

Different materials of printing

Today, the world of printing has completely been revolutionized. Apart from the standard paper, print can now be done on cloth and wood. Not to mention, Stampa su cartoncino is another phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. Nowadays if someone wants to get a t-shirt made of their school or team can easily contact a local vendor and get 15-20 made without any issues.

If someone wants to have a wooden sign outside their home or office can get printing done on it too. Moreover, the print that looks the best is the one that is being done on cardboard. Pictures and words, both can be imprinted on it and much to our surprise, the results are magnificent.

Setting up a printing press

Establishing a printing press was very difficult back in the last century. But, today, the purchasing of printing machines, along with the technique to run them and to print is not difficult. One can just set it all up in their garage. Many home printing presses are set up by locals that are providing cheap products.

This has increased competitions, and apart from helping in getting the prices down, it has also made the quality of work better. Innovations are taking place, and now anyone can get the best kind of output as per their requirements.

New mixture of colors

33jhkjhjhgrilPreviously, printing machines only used to print in black and white. With time, the machines started to have a limited number of colors. But, today, the mixture of any color can be made from the hi-tech devices which mean that any monogram, text or picture can be printed on absolutely anything.

The colors that were impossible to reproduce or get on are now readily available because everything is being done via computers and that too without any problems. The operator only has to get the desired print on the computer and turn the machine on. It would start printing there and then.